So It’s finally happening. auDA (.au Domain Administration Limited) is releasing direct Australian domains (.au). This will make for shorter and simpler Australian domain names.

New domain name:


As a result, current holders of trademarks, ABN’s, sites,  and sites need to pre-register for these domain names. The pre-registration is sent to auDA’s dedicated team where they will judge who obtains the .au domain. This will be done via a system that looks at current trademarks, ABNs, and current Australian held domain names. From this system, auDAwill determine who is granted the .au domain.

This all starts on the 24th of March 2022. Customers will have 6 months (until the 20th of September 2022) to apply. This will place a hold on the new name that can be registered. auDa will review the pre-registration and if eligible will provide a token allowing the customer to use the .au domain name. After the cut off timeframe, the domain will open to the public. This will mean that your competitors can snap up your domain name in a shorter version. 


au priority registration process


How to Apply for Domain Name/s

For all BSO Digital domain name customers, please contact Janelle Hulme or use the pre-registration form to review your domain names and apply for your pre-registration of your .au domain. 

We will need to check details on your account first to make sure they are correct prior to applying for the auDA process.

While there is no guarantee that the .au domain name will be secured, as this is up to the discretion of auDA. BSO Digital will assist you 100% with this process.

Different Provider?

If you have domain names with a different provider (for example Melbourne IT, VentraIP, Crazy Domains or GoDaddy) please contact them for further information.

At the moment BSO Digital can submit requests ready for allocation. If you would like to transfer your domain names to BSO Digital ready for this process, please contact us. 


For more information visit our wholesaler or website – or