Focus on Facebook for Business

Facebook Marketing

Everyone has heard of Facebook. People are connecting with family, friends and people we knew from 20 years ago. Facebook’s main aim initially was a means to stay in touch and reconnect, share photos, stories, experiences,links etc. Basically to share personally. However with the growth of Facebook, we see a..
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Get Social

Social Media

Many businesses are using social media successfully to connect with clients and potential new clients. If you have a poor (or no) social media presence your business is going to look behind the times. When someone likes your page on Facebook they are publicly recommending you to everyone in their..
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Secrets to Designing a Great Website

Secrets to Designing a Genuinely Great Website

You know the kind of website that makes you go ‘wow’? The kind that is so user friendly it seems like it must be custom designed especially for you? The kind of website that looks great and feels like home… Websites like these are few and far between, but when..
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