SEO content writing helps improve your page ranking and website authority. It also improves your users experince.

SEO Copywriting Services

In the case of existing website content, our copywriter will assess each webpage individually. When required, they can do keyword research and adjust the content to make it more SEO conscious and to help improve ranking.

If you’re getting a new website done, the website content writer will ask you for a sitemap. From there, they will perform keyword research and curate SEO-friendly content as requested for each landing page, product page, or category page.

Blog Writing Services

Blogs are a fantastic way to educate your clients, reach new customers, and create content for email marketing campaigns. BSO Digital offers article writing and article rewriting for all industries.

Our blog writer will ask you for any industry requirements or restrictions on wording (especially for the medical industry), as well as any requested blog topics, ideas, or outlines. Our team will do extensive keyword research to find commonly asked questions, as well as “long-tail” keywords.

From here, our blog writer will offer you a range of ideas to choose from. Once a topic is chosen, our blog writer will create a blog. The finished blog will then be sent to you for approval before being posted online.


Our copywriter is also a professionally trained editor. They’re experienced at a wide range of editing requirements including editing, copyediting, and structural editing. As such, we’re happy to offer editing services to all our clients.

Our copyeditor is happy to work with you to edit a range of content from email campaigns, newsletters, blogs, website content, training programs, and booklets.

Since our editor also works as an SEO specialist copywriter, they’re able to work with you to edit online content to be SEO-friendly and compliant with Google standards. This will help you to rank better.

High quality content not only raises your page authority and ranking on Google, but it can improve your user's experience.

Content Writing

We provide professional content writing for your website, to take the stress of content curation off your shoulders.

SEO Content

BSO Digital's content writers create SEO conscious content to help improve your rankings in the Google SERP.

Industry Specific Blogs

We can write an article specific to your industry, targeting keywords and commonly asked questions, to help improve your ranking.

Keyword Research

We undertake keyword research during our content creation to ensure your content is SEO conscious to help your SERP ranking.

Product Descriptions

Let us take the stress of content curation off your shoulders and create Google friendly product descriptions.

Professional Editing

Our copywriter is a professionally trained editor and is available to edit blogs, content, newsletters, email campaigns, and more.

Check out some of our most frequently asked content writing questions.
What does a content writer do?

Content writers or copywriters create the written material for a website, as well as other types of media. They adhere to Google friendly content rules, ensure content is SEO friendly, as well as follow any content requirements that your company may have.

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter performs content writing services to help promote and sell goods and services. This includes web content writing, SEO writing, product descriptions, newsletter copy, social media messages, and more.

What does a copyeditor do?

A copyeditor covers different levels of content editing. They will first focus on editing your work to ensure the meaning of your content is clear. They will then focus on the technical quality of the content, such as spelling and punctuation use, to ensure the content is ready for online publication.

How does content help SEO?

High quality content helps your marketing campaigns in a number of ways. It allows you to strategically use keywords throughout you site for better rankings. High quality content is also important for Google AdWords as the better the quality of the page, the better your ad will score. And quality content can score you some fantastic, high quality backlinks which direct more traffic to your site!

What is SEO conscious content writing?

SEO conscious or SEO-friendly content is specially website copywriting that helps search engines rank a page or blog higher. It involves cleverly blending keywords into your content while ensuring the page or blog is easily read by users.

What is good SEO content?

Good SEO copywriting is about creating content that is valuable and compelling to the client’s audience while also targeting specific keywords to help the page and site rank higher. This does not mean stuffing keywords randomly into the page. They should work naturally with the rest of the content in order to increase page authority and relevance – all of which is highly important when trying to rank on the Google SERP these days.

Why do I need a blog?

Website pages are great for showcasing services and products, but don’t always give you a way of interacting with or reaching out to your customers. Blogs allow you to share news, updates, and relevant information your clients might be interested in. This content can target “long-tail” keywords and questions that you shouldn’t really utilise on website pages. Blogs also make great content for email marketing campaigns!

Why are product descriptions so important?

It’s essential to have product descriptions if you want a successful online business. Not only do they help your store become more visible online, but it also allows you to share vital information about the product with your potential buyers. This, in turn, can influence their buying decisions and help improve sales.

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