Content Writing

Website Content Writing and Copy Editing

Website content is king. It is a major part of how you communicate with your users or customers. But far too many websites neglect their content, publishing pages unedited. All too often this can turn users and customers away – especially if it makes your message or call to action difficult to read. At BSO, we can offer content writing/editing when we migrate your written content to your new site. Whether this is existing content from your old site or new content sent to our in-house content writer and editor, BSO is happy to help you polish up this all important aspect of your site.

SEO Writing and Content

Very few people realise the importance of content writing that is SEO friendly. SEO friendly content is easily read by search engines and helps your page rank better than competitors. Our staff at BSO are well-versed in writing content, meta descriptions and targeting page keywords to make your content as SEO friendly as possible. We are happy to work with your existing website content or, by working closely with you, develop new content.

Website Content Copy Writing

Some website owners struggle with writing the actual content for their pages. This is not uncommon. It is very difficult, sometimes, to translate what we see in our heads onto the page. This difficulty can lead to unpolished, SEO-unfriendly content. Other website owners can find blogging intimidating, unsure of what to write or how. At BSO we are happy to work closely with you to develop website and social media content appropriate for your site. Our in-house content writer can handle everything from offering you blog titles (if you wish to manage your own blog content) to creating web and blog content from scratch.

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