Australia Day 2018 – Congratulations Walter Mikac

Congratulations Walter! Walter is an old friend/client of ours and we we’re thrilled to hear that he was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his efforts in Australia’s gun control. Congratulations to all recipients and nominees, such inspiring Australian’s. Enjoy your Australia Day everyone!    

What’s the Difference Between Vector and Bitmap?

Noosa Holiday Accommodation recently approached BSO Digital for help with their logo. Their original logo was created in Bitmap format, making it difficult for them to rescale the logo for new advertising. Our talented in-house graphic designer recreated their logo in Vector form, allowing it to be scaled infinitesimally. You can see the new,..
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SSL – Why You Need it Now!

Back in January we blogged on the changes Google was making to how users interact with your website. Specifically, the role SSL was going to play in how your site ranked and what users will see. Google has been hinting since 2014 that HTTPS would play an important role in..
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Help! My website is DOWN!

There is nothing more worrying or frustrating than when your website goes down. Every website owner will experience that heart-stopping moment when your webpage fails to show. Or, worse, when you see the dreaded Google quarantine message! Often it can be hard to work out what exactly happened and how..
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So…What is a Website Anyway?

what is a website

Now, don’t start giggling! For many people, the nature of just what a website is, is shrouded in mystery. And we don’t mean just your technologically-confused grandparents. Millions of people use the internet every day without really understanding what a website is or how it’s made. Like many things in life,..
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New Brand Takes the Mark

social media branding melbourne

Bad football puns aside, with the thrill of the AFL Grand Final buzzing this weekend, we at BSO Digital wanted to take the time to highlight some social media branding genius from the AFL. Last week, after much anticipation, the AFL unveiled the new logo for their league – AFL..
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WordPress vs. Wix vs. Squarespace

Which Website Platform is Best for your Business? With the age of the internet firmly upon us it has become easier than ever to own your own website. This boom in the online market, we see more and more free website platforms appear, including Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and, of course,..
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Woocommerce 2.6 Major Update, Zipping Zebra

woocommerce update 2.6 zipping zebra

Over the past 5 months Woothemes have been working on a major update for their very popular eCommerce solution called WooCommerce. Uniquely titled  ‘Zipping Zebra’, this update brings a truck load of new features for you to play with. ‘Shipping Zones’ for WooCommerce has arrived One of our favourite additions that comes with the..
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Is your site mobile ready?

Mobile Responsive Design

Jim from Stewart Media has confirmed it. If your site is not yet responsive you will be penalized and in turn lose traffic. Click Here to find out if your site is ready for this update.   If the answer is NO, then contact BSO straight away. You have until April..
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BSO / Rapidline Sponsorship – David Fenollar

BSO Charity

Congratulations to David Fenollar during the winter championships at the Darebin International Sports Centre. He won the 8 lap heart starter final, the elimination final , the kieren final and the 12 lap scratch race final. 4 victories and proudly sporting the BSO Digital/Rapidline logo and colours. Congratulations David and..
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Focus on Facebook for Business

Facebook Marketing

Everyone has heard of Facebook. People are connecting with family, friends and people we knew from 20 years ago. Facebook’s main aim initially was a means to stay in touch and reconnect, share photos, stories, experiences,links etc. Basically to share personally. However with the growth of Facebook, we see a..
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Get Social

Social Media

Many businesses are using social media successfully to connect with clients and potential new clients. If you have a poor (or no) social media presence your business is going to look behind the times. When someone likes your page on Facebook they are publicly recommending you to everyone in their..
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Secrets to Designing a Great Website

Secrets to Designing a Genuinely Great Website

You know the kind of website that makes you go ‘wow’? The kind that is so user friendly it seems like it must be custom designed especially for you? The kind of website that looks great and feels like home… Websites like these are few and far between, but when..
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Claim Your Google Places Listing!

Why do you need to claim your businesses location on Google Places? The short answer is – it will give you extra exposure online. The long answer is that Google tries to promote local businesses where possible and has been giving higher priority to the Google Places Listings for the last..
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