Email marketing is a cost effective method of digital marketing that can convert one-time buyers into loyal fans.

Campaign Brief

During the initial project brief, we’ll ask you to explain the purpose of your email marketing campaign. From there we can discuss potential design styles and gather all other required information to set it up. BSO Digital can also supply in-house content writing services.

BSO Digital uses MailChimp as our preferred email marketing platform. It provides a wide range of marketing and automation options to suit every business size.

Email Proof

As part of our email marketing services, BSO Digital will develop either a drag-and-drop template or a completely custom-designed email based on your needs. All our templates are responsive, mobile-ready, and also compatible with all modern email platforms.

Before sending any email campaigns, BSO Digital will provide a digital proof of the design and wording for your review.

Delivery & Results

BSO Digital can send once-off campaigns or multiple email marketing campaigns. These campaigns can be delivered during business hours or after hours, depending on the optimum delivery dates and times.

To further the reach of your email marketing campaigns, we can also resend to non-openers after a few days. After each email campaign is complete, BSO Digital will provide a detailed report that includes open rate, clicks, and revenue.


BSO Digital can set up basic or advanced automations for your business using MailChimp or ActiveCampaign. This can include a simple abandoned cart email reminder or a more complex drip-fed campaign that’s based on your customer’s interactions.

Automations can be set up with various triggers that can result in increased sales, engagement, and other specific interactions based on your business’s individual needs.


To make the most of email marketing, BSO Digital can seamlessly integrate your platform with dozens of different applications and tools. This can include your website, CRM, CMS, and social media accounts. This full-circle approach allows you to provide your customers with a truly personalised experience.

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ACT Mindfully

Email marketing allows you to segment, target, and engage with your contacts.

Audience Segmentation

We can create custom audiences to help improve your open rates and get important information in front of the right people.

Advanced Automation

Want hands off email marketing? BSO Digital can build automated campaigns that email your clients based on specific triggers.

Third-Party Integration

We can integrate with dozens of popular third party apps and platforms. This includes Zoho, Salesforce, and WooCommerce.

Cost Effective

We offer a range of cost effective options based on your needs, requirements, and campaign type.

Distinct Design

Let our design team create the perfect email template that matches your existing assets and visual brand identity.

Cross Platform Ready

We always ensure your mail outs look great on all platforms and devices. This includes IOS and Android.

Check out some of our most frequently asked email marketing questions.
What are the 4 types of Marketing Emails?

There are 4 main types of marketing emails your company may consider sending. These are: Information emails, Digital Newsletters, Product Updates, and Transactional emails. They can all be used to turn one time buyers into loyal customers.

How Does Email Markeing Work?

Email marketing is a type of digital marketing process that utilises email to communicate with a potential audience. This sales channel requires a large email list of people who voluntarily signed up to receive your messages.

What is the Role of Email Marketing?

By creating a strong email marketing strategy, you can reach out and connect with your target audience in a personalised way. This allows you to increase sales at an affordable cost. Email marketing allows you to reach customers in a cost effective way.

Does Email Marketing Still Work in 2021?

Email marketing is far from dying in 2021. It brings a wide range of advantages. With a well-planned strategy from a digital marketing agency, you can achieve outstanding results through email marketing. It is especially powerful for small businesses trying to reach a broader audience.

Why is Email Marketing Better than Social Media Marketing?

Unlike social media marketing, email marketing helps you build customer relationships and credibility. It is direct, allowing you to make contact more personalised than social media marketing. It also allows customers to easily contact you with questions. Further, email marketing allows you to offer personalised sales offers, discounts, rewards, abandoned cart reminders, and more to increase your sales bottom line.

Does Email Need Marketing?

Email marketing is an essential tool for every business owner in 2021. Nothing out there is as good at reaching your customers as email. It’s the most effective way to build a personal relationship with customers. To help your business succeed, you need to start building your email list on day one!

Can I Send Marketing Emails to Customers?

If you plan to send email marketing messages or emails to customers, you must have permission from the person who will receive them, so you remain compliant with the Australian Spam Act. Even if you have a third party send emails for you, you still need permission from each person who will receive your messages.

You must have either express permission (the person knows and accepts that they will receive marketing emails/messages) or inferred permission (the person has knowingly given you their details and it is reasonable to believe they would expect marketing from you).

You cannot email to ask for permission because this is seen as a form of marketing. Emails must identify who the sender is and make it easy for the user to unsubscribe from future marketing emails.

How Often Should You Send Email Marketing?

When starting your business, a good approach is to send emails out twice a month. Once you have established a strong list of clients and customers who show interest in your products and services, you can increase this to weekly. If you have regular promotions, new offers, or fresh content, you can send 2-3 times a week. Be sure to monitor your campaigns, however. If it looks like people are not opening your emails, it might be time to back off the frequency.

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