We’re a little unique at BSO Digital. We get your brand is too.

Discovery Session

In our workshop, we’ll be looking to uncover what makes your business tick. With a clean slate mindset, we’ll isolate product attributes and their benefits. Learning how they stack up against the crowd we’ll bring your ‘it’ factor to the front.

By the end of our session, your brand pillars will be defined. In our next step, we’ll be ready to tinker with a few design concepts. We’ll aim to come to a solution that represents your business’s beliefs.

Sketch & Design

Our team of creatives will ideate a suitable solution. In a snapshot, our process works with a discovery phase (previous step), mockup designs, time to refine, and lastly review. At the review phase, we’ll present your design and our proof of concept.

We choose this way of working so we can focus on what matters to a client, business owner and customer.

Assets Delivery

Once we’ve concluded the design process. We’ll make sure we run you through your game plan. Once the design assets are approved we’ll compile a brand logo playbook and walk you through use cases, best practices, and tone of voice.

Now you’re ready to make a ruckus online

Make a lasting impression on your customers with an unforgettable business logo design by BSO Digital.

Tailored Approach

We'll plan for your brand to suit any use case. We'll optimise your brand positioning to get your business where it needs to be.

Diverse Experience

The team pride themselves on being multidisciplinary. We can offer a unique skill set and perspective to your brand.

Vector Ready

Forgotten source files, low-res png's and jpg's with annoying white backgrounds are a thing of the past. We'll supply crisp vectors.

Style Guide Provided

Plan ahead with your style guide. The next time you need to think design, you'll be ready with your playbook.

Fairly Priced

We price our logos based on your design and business needs. Contact us for a tailored quote.

Dedicated Project Manager

We provide a dedicated project manager for each project. They'll be your point of contact during the entire design process.

Check out some of our most frequently asked logo design questions.
How much do graphic designers charge for a logo?

Company logo design can vary in price depending on the experience of the designer/s and the scope of the project. Prices can range from $5.00 to $15,000+, so where might you fit in that range? Consider the quality of work that aligns with your business needs.

What are the characteristics of a good logo?

Some key practices can make a logo ‘good’. Before working on a logo we do our homework and set a goal to establish something to work towards. We take advantage of design principles and elements during the design phase to achieve your solution.

What colour is best for a logo?

Some colours have strong associations in design and some are contextual depending on who you are engaging with. Consider how your customers interact with colour. Is said colour associated with different places, items, or experiences to yourself and your business?

Who owns a logo design?

Once the new logo design is approved and ready to deploy, we assign ownership to the client through a simple form. We also supply the creative assets in their respective file formats.

What should a logo include?

A logo consists of three main styles.

  1. Logomark: Olympics, Apple, and Mastercard
  2. Logotype: Coca-Cola, Google, and Netflix
  3. Combination Mark: Toblerone, Dove, and BP

When reflecting on which option is the best look consider your marketing strategy and desired tone of voice.

How many logos should I have?

Ideally, brands should have a single logo that is legible on a small scale like website favicons and merchandise like a pen. Large scale is important as well like outdoor media such as billboards. Some brands utilise responsive logos appropriately like Disney.

What is a bad logo?

Logo design is an important step for your business. Generally, designers have your best interest at heart. A ‘bad’ logo can stem from several technical factors: too detailed, too trendy, inconsistency, lack of kerning, too many fonts, and not being unique.

How long should a logo design take?

Logo design can take anywhere between 10 to 30+ hours. These hours need to account for research, inspiration, sketching, concept drawing, internal review, hi-fidelity concept, review meeting, revision, style guide, and handoff. It sounds like a lot and it’s crucial to ensure a successful design.