Put your engagement on auto-pilot with tailored messages served direct to your customer’s inbox.


In our initial meeting, we’ll discuss how the BSO Digital team will go about setting up, upgrading, or switching your email marketing services to a recommended automation platform.

Depending on the complexity of your automated campaigns and the size of your user database, the platform of choice will most likely be ActiveCampaign or MailChimp.


BSO Digital will work closely with you to understand your business and the automation goals you have in mind. From this discussion, we’ll recommend a list of campaign ideas for your products/services and how many automations you might need to get up and running.

We can also discuss the possibility of creating specific landing pages for your campaigns to maximize the number of leads funnelling into your new automations.


BSO Digital has experienced in-house digital artists and designers, as well as content writers. We can easily create and source engaging assets for your email automations. This includes copy, images, and resources like eBooks.


Integrations are what connect your website, landing pages, and/or databases to your automated email system. There is no limit to the number of integrations we can set up so your email platform can “talk to” your website, eCommerce system, CRM, AdWords etc. These are scalable as your business grows.

Our team can build a clever, branded automated email system that creates hands off engagement for your business!

Marketing On Autopilot

Once your email automations are set up, you don't have to lift a finger! The emails send on their own!

Tailored For You

No two businesses are the same; so BSO Digital creates custom automated emails to meet the needs of your business.


As your business grows, your email automations grow with you. BSO Digital can adjust your automations to meet your needs.

Detailed Reports

BSO Digital can provide detailed reports on your email automations, including open rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribe rates.

Custom Assets

BSO Digital has in-house digital designers and content writers to create the perfect custom assets and content for your emails.

Unlimited Integrations

There's no limit to the number of integrations we can set up for you. This includes your website, landing pages, and CRM.

What is Email Automation?

Email automation is a fantastic, hands-off way to stay in touch with your customers. And it helps keep your business on their minds. From abandoned cart reminders to coupons and birthday vouchers, email automation takes the stress out of customer engagement.

Email automations involves using apps, plugins, design work, and coding to create emails that engage with customers at key points of their buying journey. When potential customers trigger certain automations, the platform will automatically send them a tailored email, prompting a desired action.

What is the Difference Between Email Automation and Marketing?

Email automation goes far beyond the traditional “email newsletter”. With clever use of coding and customer data, automated emails can be geared towards individual customers, their purchases, and/or their specific interests. This makes them more likely to open the email and engage with its contents/your website. It is also more likely to make your business more memorable.

How Many Automations do I Need?

The amount of automations you need will vary based on the size of your business, your customer base, as well as the touch points you want your users to be engaged with along their buying journey. Every business needs different types and amounts of automations. Some websites can manage with a few while others require many.

BSO Digital will discuss your business needs with you and come up with the appropriate amount. This can, of course, be changed in the future as your needs change.

Do Automated Emails Really Work?

Yes! By using code and user data, you can tailor content to groups of users. This gives them a better experience and as a result, are more engaged with your business.

How Can I Get Started With Email Automations?

BSO Digital can help your business by creating automated email campaigns tailored to your exact needs. Our team of specialists will learn more about your business and discuss what you want to achieve with your automated emails.

Some of our happy email automation clients