Get BSO Digital to build your next web development project. We guarantee our websites are fast, customisable, and scalable.

Project Brief

All of our web development projects begin with a 1-2hr virtual or in-person meeting. In this meeting, we’ll identify your goals, requirements, and any other important information.

You’ll also be assigned a dedicated project manager that will be there from beginning to end. They’ll ensure a consistent communication line is always open. Expectations and delivery are paramount to BSO Digital. As a result, we’ll agree upon a specific timeline and also quote a fair cost based on the information provided.


Our web developers specialise in WordPress, Woocommerce, and custom functionality/plugin development. The web development BSO Digital creates for you will be lightweight, scalable, and built exactly to your requirements.

The coding languages BSO Digital primarily uses for web development include HTML, CSS, PHP, and also Javascript. These particular languages are often used for most web development projects.

Testing & Delivery

The client will have full access to the development website well before the go-live date. This allows you time to internally review and test out the functionality.

BSO Digital will thoroughly test your new web development on various browsers, screen sizes, and smart devices. Your web development project will be easily editable and very user-friendly.

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Check out some of our most recent web development examples.

Check out some of our most recent web development examples.
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Our team of senior web developers can build and deliver any type of website/plugin imaginable.

On-Going Support

If you run into any unsuspecting problems, BSO Digital's team of experts can usually fix it straight away.

Attention To Detail

Working on so many different projects has taught us what questions to ask to save our clients time and money.

Fair Pricing

BSO Digital will always fairly quote and price projects based on the amount of time they take. No hidden costs whatsoever.

Talented Developers

Our developers are certified and have decades of experience in a variety of coding languages such as PHP and JavaScript.

Proven Portfolio

Browse through the 100's of web development solutions we've created for customers over the years under projects.

Friendly & Collaborative

BSO Digital embraces a 'no jargon' approach when communicating to clients and are always happy to chat through an idea.

Check out some of our most frequently asked web development questions.
What is meant by web development?

Web development refers to the actual process of building a website or plugin for use on the web. This usually includes coding in various computer languages to deliver the desired result.

What does a web developer do?

Web developers build websites among other things and are usually referred to as ‘devs’. Web Developers are responsible for the front-end look and back-end functionality of your website.

What are 3 types of web developments?
  • Front-end development focuses more on the visual look and feel of the website.
  • Back-end development focuses on the functionality of a website.
  • Full-stack development involves both front-end and back-end development.
Why is web development so popular?
Web development is popular because the world we live in is so dependant on websites and technology. We use websites all the time to shop, book in services, and also get information.
What language do web developers use?

Web developers use several languages to build websites, these include back-end language (such as PHP), and front-end languages (which include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

What's the difference between web and software developers?

Web developers are creating or working with websites and web apps that are used on the internet. A software developer typically creates or maintains software usually for desktops and mobile devices.

What are the basics of web development?

Web developers should have a sound understanding of the main front-end or back-end languages they will be using.  They should also be comfortable using popular frameworks to assist them with development.

How much does web development cost?

Before commencing a web development project we first need to understand a client’s requirements. The amount of templates and functionality usually dictates how much a web development project will cost.

Some of our happy web development clients.