Keep your website up-to-date, secure, and ahead of your competitors with a BSO Digital maintenance plan.

Discovery & Onboarding

We provide a 1-2 hour virtual or in-person meeting with all our clients. This meeting enables us to identify your goals, conversion points, target audience, competitors, budget, and desired marketing channels.

Every maintenance plan client will be assigned a dedicated project manager. You will need to supply them with access to your website and any other related platforms. Your project manager will cover off estimated timelines and establish a workflow plan.

Work Roll Out

Depending on your requirements and budget, BSO Digital can provide general website maintenance packages, SEO, paid advertising, copywriting, and asset design. This can be tailored each month depending on your requirements and results. Plus, there are no lock-in contracts!

BSO Digital recommends at least 5 hours per month for general WordPress maintenance service and 10 to 20 hours for most digital marketing campaigns. BSO Digital boasts a specialist team of experts that are highly experienced in their respective fields.

Results & Optimisation

BSO Digital tracks every task and hour worked on your WordPress care plan to ensure full transparency. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown each month of the results we’ve managed to achieve.

Based on the results, BSO Digital can implement further optimisation for each channel in collaboration with your ideas. BSO Digital’s goal is not only to meet and but exceed your expectations. Regular check-ins/meetings can be organised virtually or in-person to ensure that BSO Digital is always held accountable and is meeting your requirements.

Maintenance Plans

Our website maintenance services are available in blocks of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30+ hours and are conveniently direct debited each month. It’s important to note that clients will be responsible for any extra marketing charges and website maintenance costs, i.e. paid advertising spend.

BSO Digital will always endeavour to make the best possible suggestions and changes based on your requested conversion points.

Check out some of the results we've achieved for our clients.
1st Page Keywords
200 K
Page Views
$700,000 +
Online Sales

Sacrifice Scooters ( 2020 )

1st Page Keywords
Page Views
$200,000 +
Online Sales

Port Melbourne Cycles ( 2020 )

1st Page Keywords
65 K
Page Views
$150,000 +
Online Sales

Holistic Incontinence ( 2020 )

We can tailor a maintenance plan to suit your businesses wants and needs. This can include updates, copy writing, marketing, and more!

5 Star Rating

BSO Digital is very proud of our 5 star Google rating. A majority of these reviews come from happy maintenance plan clients.

Specialist Staff

We boast a team of specialist staff that are experts in copy writing, digital design, paid advertising, and SEO.

Extremely Affordable

Pay a fraction of what the other guys would charge you for real results and a dedicated project manager.

No Lock In Contracts

We're so confident that you'll love our maintenance plans that we don't charge retainer fees or lock you into a contract.

Accountable Reporting

All maintenance plan clients will receive an extensive report every month detailing the results we've achieved for you.

Prompt Support

Maintenance plan clients get priority support from our team of digital experts. Most issues can be fixed within 1 business day.

Check out some of our most frequently asked website maintenance questions.
What does website maintenance include?

Website maintenance typically focuses on tasks required to keep your website healthy and ensuring it functions properly. It includes regularly checking your website for issues, correcting any issues, and plugin updates.

Do websites need maintenance?

Performing maintenance regularly is crucial in order to ensure a healthy website that is able to function properly. User experience and security all benefit from regular updates.


How often should you update a website?

No two websites are the same and can vary in functionality and complexity. The general rule of thumb is plugin updates and your WordPress core should be updated at least once per month.

How much does website maintenance cost per month?

The monthly cost of website maintenance is dependant on how many hours you opt-in for. We recommend at least 5hrs per month for plugin/WordPress updates and 10hrs+ for digital marketing.

What does it mean to optimize your website?

Website optimisation simply means improving the performance of your website. It can refer to the speed of your site, the user experience, conversion of visitors to your site, or search engine optimisation (SEO).


Should content be updated and relevant?

Having fresh content on your website is beneficial to both your users and also Google. New content that answers all the questions a user may have usually helps your website’s ranking and also improves conversions.



What makes a website slow?

A slow website is usually due to images being too large and not optimised for the web. Another reason your website could be slow is bad coding or bulky pre-made themes.



Is SEO important?

SEO is important for a website as it ensures search engine users get the most trusted and optimum user experience. Content achieving page one rankings are highly relevant and credible. Websites that rank higher usually receive more meaningful traffic.


Some of our happy website maintenance clients.