Google Adwords

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords or simply AdWords, is an advertising service provided by, you guessed it, Google! It allows business to display advertisements on Google and its advertising network. The program allows businesses to set a budget for online advertising and only pay when people click the ads. This services is largely focused on the use of keywords.

Using AdWords, businesses can create relevant advertising using suggested keywords that people have used on Google when looking for their product. The keyword, when searched for, triggers your advertisement to appear. AdWords are the top advertisements that appear under the heading “Sponsored Links” at the top of the search page or to the right hand side.

Google also collects data on users and their search habits that allows you to target a specific audience for your site or product. There is also coding available that allows you to track how successful your chosen keywords are. You can also monitor the traffic created by your keywords and change them accordingly.

Finally, through your keywords, Google also allows you to advertise on other sites who also use your keywords.

Google AdWords Campaign Management & Pay Per Click Strategy in Melbourne

There are different matching options available when choosing keywords for your AdWords campaign/s. The main match options include:

  • Phrase Match – Your advertisement is shown for searches that match an exact phrase of your choosing
  • Exact Match – Your advertisement is shown for searches that only match your exact phrase
  • Negative Match – Your advertisement will not show for certain specified keywords or phrases
  • Broad Match – Reaches the largest range of users by showing your advertisement when your keyword is searched for

Pay per Click or Cost per Click (CPC) determines the cost of your advertising when using AdWords. Each keyword you choose will have a CPC bid amount attached to it. This is the maximum amount you pay each time your advertisement is clicked. The higher a CPC, the higher your advertisement will be positioned on the page.

Another option is Pay per View or Cost per View (CPV). This is great if you use video, companion banners, call-to-action overlays to advertise, where views are more important than clicks.

Hire a Certified Google Partner!

Hiring a Certified Google Partner – like BSO Digital – can save you a lot of time and hassle. Certified Google Partners are well-versed in the AdWords system and can maximise the return on your advertising budget. All Certified Google Partners are required to pass a minimum of two exams in order to be certified. This demonstrates skill and expertise in the AdWords system, an ability to meet AdWords spend requirements, deliver agency and client revenue growth, and have been able to sustain and grow their client base.

Certified Google Partners have access to new AdWords features before anyone else, giving your advertising the cutting edge above your competitors. Google Partners also have a direct line to English-speaking AdWords support in America, saving you the hassle of dealing with international call centres.

At BSO Digital we can help advise you on, or set up, your AdWords campaign, monitor your success and help you rework or expand campaigns as necessary. As Certified Google Partners you know you will always been in safe, expert hands with our team!