Everything you need to get your business online. BSO Digital offers over the phone, 24/7 support and dedicated Australian website hosting.

Web Hosting

BSO Digital offers a variety of the best Australian web hosting services you can find, including shared, managed, and dedicated server hosting. This can include cPanel hosting, AWS hosting, and cloud-specific WordPress host services.

Our hosting is super fast and includes CDN along with a free staging site, SSL, daily backups, and 24/7 support. Pricing starts from $99 AUD per month (ex GST), direct debited.

Domain Hosting

Managed domain name hosting includes .com.au, .com, .org.au, and custom extensions. Also included is 24/7 Australian dedicated server support and, importantly, auto-renewal.

Domain prices start from $40 AUD per year (ex GST) and are billed annually.

Email Hosting

BSO Digital uses Google Workspace as our preferred email platform. Pricing starts from $10 AUD per email address (ex GST) and is billed monthly.

Email hosting includes 30GB of cloud storage, file sharing, video conferencing, 24/7 support, and a guaranteed 99.99% uptime. Also included are all of Google’s applications like Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Drive, Slides, and more!

Speak to real experts over the phone whenever you need web hosting support.

24/7 Support

BSO Digital is happy to offer over the phone, 24/7 support to all our website and domain hosting customers.

99.95% Up Time

We can guarantee that your hosting will have a 99.95% up time. This is inline with what all other providers offer.

Melbourne Based

All of our support staff are located in Melbourne and are ready to answer your questions over email or phone.

Safe & Secure

Data submitted on your website or sent via email is automatically encrypted and always 100% secure.

Daily Backups

Websites hosted by BSO Digital are backed up on a daily basis and are kept on file for seven days.


We offer both shared and dedicated hosting plans that can handle millions of visitors every month.

Check out some of our most frequently asked website hosting questions.
What is website hosting?

All websites require web hosting. Websites contain files, they are basically lots of files working together. These files need a place to be stored and accessed while live on the internet. Hosting allows for people using the Internet to see your files in the form of a live website.

How does hosting a website work?

When you require hosting for a website a hosting provider will allocate an agreed amount of space to store all of your website’s files and databases. These files are stored and accessed by the hosting provider’s server so they can be viewed online by website visitors.

Which website hosting service is best?

There are many different hosting providers and packages.  The best hosting for your website is the hosting that matches your requirements. We can assist you to work out your requirements and provide a suitable hosting package.

How much does website hosting cost?

Website hosting prices will vary depending on the hosting provider used, their features, and capabilities. Pricing will also be determined based on the client’s needs. Some clients may need more storage or dedicated hosting. Our pricing starts at from $99 AUD per month (ex GST),

Can I host my own website?

Hosting your own website is possible but challenging. The main technical hurdles need to be overcome from registering a domain, organising website files and determining your IP address. In addition, you will need to point your domain to your computer’s IP address and consider computer security along with many other considerations. Your computer will also need to run 24/7.

What's the difference between website and domain hosting?

Domain hosting provides a domain name so a visitor can enter the domain name into the URL bar of a search engine and be directed to your website. Website hosting refers to storing the website files and allowing these files to be accessible. When visitors enter your domain name and are directed to your site, files are accessed so they can view your site.

Why is web hosting so important?

Without website hosting your site simply wouldn’t exist on the internet. A good hosting provider ensures the website is secure and functional. A hosting provider’s uptime is a measure of how reliable the provider is.

Does WordPress require a specific website hosting service?

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system that allows users to build many different types of websites. It’s compatible with many popular hosting providers and is easy to configure and install on a hosting platform. Having hosting specifically for WordPress is highly recommended.

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