Key Business Advisors and BSO Digital

Keyba CareersSince 2008 Key Business Advisors has been working hard to help launch businesses from good to great. The key is to work closely with business owners and employees so that they not only understand the needs of the business but also what the business needs from employees. BSO has been excited to work closely in the past few months with Key Business Advisors to help grow our company to ensure we keep providing you with amazing websites.

Key Business Advisors offers a range of services to businesses including:

  • Business advice & Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Business Improvement Programs
  • Customised sales training programs
  • Customer service training
  • Human Resources services & consulting

It is this clever combination of business improvement strategies, human resources, sales and customer service that has helped BSO grow and improve exponentially over the last few months.

Key Business Advisors is now bringing the amazing help they’ve given BSO to the younger generation who need help getting into the job market. And at BSO we are keenly aware at how amazing and tech-savvy the newest generation is.

Keyba Careers – Helping The Next Generation Be Job Ready

At BSO we have come across many young people who have called or emailed for advice on how to enter the web development industry. Too often we encounter young people who have no idea how to apply for a job or where to begin.

Keyba Careers has been established by Key Business Advisors to give sorely needed advice to young people who want to find a job and develop a career. They have developed an online program that helps new job seekers develop and improve their skills in order to secure a job and enter the workforce. This short course teaches job seekers the practical skills needed to understand what businesses and employers are looking for. Further, it helps the new generation of workers understand the difference between the workplace and the classroom. It also helps them understand what will be expected of them as an employee.

And, above all, it aims to help them get that dream job.

Keyba Careers and YouthNow

Colin and Lorraine, the masterminds behind Key Business Advisors and Keyba Careers, truly have a passion for helping young people. Since 2014, Keyba Careers and YouthNow have worked together to give specialised career and transitioning services to young people. Some of these services have included the “Employer Engagement Training Program for Young People”. This face-to-face program was designed to help those aged 17-29 struggling to find a job. Programs like this help young job seekers develop the right skills to find secure employment.

From here, Keyba Careers developed the online program the “Employer Engagement Program”. This has helped ensure their information accessible to as many job seekers as possible. Keyba Careers’ program aims to also give young job seekers the added knowledge and life experiences they need to increase their confidence in the job market. This includes improving mental health issues like self esteem that can dramatically affect job seeking abilities.

You can visit Keyba Careers today: