What’s the Difference Between Vector and Bitmap?

Noosa Holiday Accommodation recently approached BSO Digital for help with their logo. Their original logo was created in Bitmap format, making it difficult for them to rescale the logo for new advertising. Our talented in-house graphic designer recreated their logo in Vector form, allowing it to be scaled infinitesimally. You can see the new,..
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Help! My website is DOWN!

There is nothing more worrying or frustrating than when your website goes down. Every website owner will experience that heart-stopping moment when your webpage fails to show. Or, worse, when you see the dreaded Google quarantine message! Often it can be hard to work out what exactly happened and how..
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Is your site mobile ready?

Mobile Responsive Design

Jim from Stewart Media has confirmed it. If your site is not yet responsive you will be penalized and in turn lose traffic. Click Here to find out if your site is ready for this update.   If the answer is NO, then contact BSO straight away. You have until April..
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