Google Partners Connect – Making the Most of Micro-Moments

google partners

BSO Digital’s own Google AdWords expert, Adam Blackburn was recently invited to attend the October Google Partners Connect Event, led by PN Digital.

Google Partners Events are a great way of bringing local business owners together to learn more about the world of Google products and the ever-changing digital world. Keeping up to date with Google’s advancements ensures we give you the best websites possible. This event, hosted by PN Digital, featured lectures by Mitchel O’Donohue, the Agency Development Manager for Google Australia and New Zealand, and by Elizabeth Fox, Head of Agency Relationships for Google Australia and New partners bso

October’s meeting discussed the importance of letting the web work for you. The Google representative revealed that brands who utilised the digital environment had 40% more growth than brands that had no web presence. That is an incredible amount of growth! As of this year it was found that 88% of customers will research an item online before coming into the store to buy it – which means if you have no web presences you’re losing a huge chunk of potential customers to a competitor. Digital is no longer just a trend – it should be an integral part of your marketing plan.

The most interesting aspect of the evening was the revelation of Australia’s shift to mobile and smart devices. In Australia alone, 80% of users have adopted smartphones. We don’t just go online, we live online. Phones are used to browse the internet over 150 times a day and this shift to mobile is something everyone should be embracing. Responsive design is not just a by-thought now, but should be an integral part of your marketing plan.

We asked Adam to give us his impressions of the Google Partners Connect event:

What are your thoughts on Google Partners Connect events?

I really enjoyed the Google Partners Event. It gets like-minded people together in the one room, sharing good ideas. Rodney (the event’s host) presented a well organised meet-up that covered some key areas of interest in the 24/7 mobile world.

How important is it to attend these events?

I manage multiple Google AdWord accounts at any given time. Getting early access to information that can enrich the clients that I oversee is super important. That’s why I loved going to this event.

What did you take away from the Google Partners Representative?

After the initial Google stream, Rodney presented some technical aspects of Facebook Advertising and Email Automation. Both these presentations were great and I actually learnt a thing or two. And the Google Representatives showed us some new features that are coming to Google.

What are your thoughts on the fact Australians use mobile 10% more than anywhere else in the world?

I have always kept an eye on the rise of mobile phone usage in regards to website browsing. As Google has put it we are no longer in the age of the computer, we are now in the age of mobile phones.

What are your thoughts on the move to mobile?

I love the move to mobile phones. Google has helped this move out greatly by making all the information that I want at my partners

How does the move to mobile change our approach to design?

Mobile phone design is still secondary to Desktop design at the moment. But I think one day, it will be the other way around. We will first approach UX on a mobile then have desktop as a secondary. This is only a matter of time with usage for some industries favouring mobiles.

How does the fact people use mobiles 24/7 change the approach to marketing?

Gone are the days of contemporary marketing such as letterbox drops. People are wanting information at all times of the day. I have purchased items from a Google late at night. Print marketing cannot compete. Mobile gives your customers 24/7 access to your products but store fronts and print media can’t do that.

What do you feel is the importance of digital and mobile strategy?

It is important to have a strategy to minimise the wastage of resources. If people, for example, do not get a professional to set up their AdWord campaigns, lots of money can be wasted on general search terms.

At BSO Digital we set up many tracking profiles to measure the success of campaigns. This way we can concentrate our efforts towards better results.

What is the most important thing for clients to take into account when developing digital and mobile strategy?

google partners I would always recommend working very closely with someone who knows what they are doing. Marketing nowadays is very complex and happens on lots of different platforms. You should always hire a professional who is a verified Google Partner.

What was the most important piece of information you took from the Google Partners event?

I learnt some new things Facebook has introduced into their advertising platform.

How will it change your approach as a project manager?

Going to the event and learning some new information is always beneficial. I feel like I can now offer the clients that I manage even more opportunities online to tap into. For example, Google now displays 4 ads at the top of their search page, which is something we can alter campaigns to take advantage of. Google Ads also now accept longer descriptions and titles, and Google now has its own version of demographic ad targeting, similar to Facebook. It adds a new level to marketing campaigns.

What is your advice for businesses considering a Google Partner?

Do you research. Google has a directory of Google Partners in your local area that you can pick from. Or alternatively you can always contact me at 1300 884 865