Top 7 Tips for Your Website in 2019

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Managing and growing your website can seem like and impossible task. Many of our clients admit they don’t even know where to start. With the market place getting increasingly competitive and Google algorithm shifts as well as a serious change to how search functions occurring, a high-quality website is more..
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SSL – Why You Need it Now!

Back in January we blogged on the changes Google was making to how users interact with your website. Specifically, the role SSL was going to play in how your site ranked and what users will see. Google has been hinting since 2014 that HTTPS would play an important role in..
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So…What is a Website Anyway?

what is a website

Now, don’t start giggling! For many people, the nature of just what a website is, is shrouded in mystery. And we don’t mean just your technologically-confused grandparents. Millions of people use the internet every day without really understanding what a website is or how it’s made. Like many things in life,..
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