Sometimes it’s good to change your business name

Ok it’s time we changed it! Back in 2004 we use to be called Business Systems Online. It was that becausethat’s what we did. We created online business system solutions for our clients. 9 times out of 10 this involved creating a website with a lot of smarts built in to fulfil the client’s goals. Some of these included selling midi tracks, debt collection systems, content management, flash animation as well.

But as our company changed so did our business name – to BSO. We didn’t want potential new customers to be confused about what Business Systems Online meant. Along with that was another change – the content management system and cart plugin we used. BSO started to code in PHP after ASP lost the war. (Sorry, Jason, open source won!)

Now our 13-year strong company has hit another crossroads when it comes to our name. Or, more importantly, the acronym! We all know that when we type BSO into a search engine we get results for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. So sometimes it’s hard for people to find us. The acronym has been a good friend but isn’t really doing us any favours.

As we make the move from website design, website development, ecommerce and coding to a full suite digital agency, our name has to follow. So BSO is happy to announce that we are changing our company name….. a little – to move with the times, and make it easier for people to find us and what we do.

It’s scary to change. There are a lot of important questions to consider. How will it affect our Google Rankings? What will our clients think? But sometimes you need to just take the leap and say: “We think this is for the better.”

Another bonus is all BSO email addresses will also change to instead of the we have been holding onto for so long. Unfortunately, after offering thousands of dollars to secure the, the owner will never let it go. So it’s out with the old and in with the new.

You can still reach BSO at our old email and domain. However, we are pleased to announce the rename of BSO to BSO Digital!