16 Reasons Why You Should Care About Website Content

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Content writing for blogs, social media and website pages can be a daunting task for many, especially those who don’t consider themselves great writers. But you don’t have to be a great writer to have engaging content. It might seem a little contradictory, but it’s true. You don’t need to be the best writer in the world to put out content. All you need to do is be yourself. So here are our 16 reasons why you should be writing today!

1: Build Your Audience

With customers turning more and more to online searches before engaging with a brand or business, it is important to attract their attention. Blogging allows you to reach the billions of people using the Internet to search for your industry. It not only promotes your business but it also provides users – and possible future customers – with something of value before they’ve asked for anything in return. They get to learn about your business – and you – making them feel comfortable with your brand.

Those you attract with your blog will eventually turn into customers who will share your site with their own social networks. Some may even help you expand your business through networking and possible partnerships.

2: Become an Authority

If you’re running your own business then chances are you know a lot about it. And this is a good thing. Blogging about your industry, how you got into it, how it has changed, where you see it going, etc. is a fantastic way to show your audience – and future customers – that you know what you’re doing. Whether you’re an interior decorator, wine expert, selling memorabilia or fixing appliances, you know your industry. Don’t be afraid to share that knowledge and prove your authority.

Blogs are the new business cards – easily shareable across a wide range of social media platforms. You need to get yours circulating today.

3: Develop a Rapport

If you own any type of business, chances are you have a few familiar customers. These might be some of your first customers. You have a good relationship with them – you might even be friends!
Blogging is a fantastic way of building a rapport with an immensely larger audience. Regularly putting out content on your industry, Tweeting something you find interesting or important about your industry, posting your latest work on Instagram, or even just sharing something funny with your audience helps build a relationship between you and your customers. If they feel like they know you, they will feel more comfortable using – and reusing – your services.

4: Getting Engaged

Some of us remember the old days of cold calling. For some it was as daunting a task as blogging is today. Putting yourself out there to attract leads and customers can seem hard. But engaging with your audience is important in the new, online world. Customers like to feel they know you and your business by interacting with you through social media. Whether it is reading your blog and Tweets or feeling like that have a small window into the inner workings of your business via Instagram or YouTube, people like to feel they have some kind of relationship with you and your business.

The more you reach out to people through social media, the more leads and customers are likely to come your way.

5: Seizing New Opportunities

I promise not to tell you to “seize the day” but I am going to tell you that blogging leads to new opportunities for you and your business – if you put yourself out there to seize them! Blogging can lead to new customers who will refer your business on to their friends and family. It can lead to valuable partnerships in your industry. For example, an interior designer’s blogs might catch the eye of a big real estate agency. This could lead to more work in property styling for auctions and sales.

Blogging shows you have authority, as we discussed earlier, and something interesting to say about your industry. Over time it helps label you as an expert, someone to be consulted and trusted. So don’t let them slip through your fingers.

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content writing copy writing blogging blog

6: Never Stop Learning

Blogging helps you learn more about your industry. It helps you find gaps in your knowledge that you can fill with research – that you can then blog about. It forces you to become familiar with changing ideas and trends, what your competitors are doing…and how you can do better than them! Showing your audience that you are always adapting, learning and growing builds confidence in you and your business.

So start blogging and learning!

7: Practice Makes Perfect

Good writers aren’t born, they’re made from hours of practice. In my case, I ensure I write a thousand words a night – whether it’s on a major project or just anything that comes to mind. That might sound terrifying to a lot of you and I am certainly not suggesting you have to write a thousand words every night, too!

But practice really does make perfect – the more you content you put out, the more confident you will be with it and the “better” it will get. And you’ll be amazed how quickly you get comfortable with the process. Developing your social media will honestly become fun!

8: It’s All About Networking

You never know where your next big contact will come from – though in this new online era it is likely to be through your social media. You really never know who is watching when you blog, Tweet or post something on Facebook. This can often lead to amazing things, new business opportunities, chances to expand your company and customers. Don’t underestimate the power of building a good social network. The more you put out there, the better chance you have of getting noticed.

9: Stand Out

You don’t need to be Shakespeare to run a blog. In fact, it’s probably better if you don’t sound like Shakespeare. Blogging, even for a business, is a very personal thing. But you don’t have to be a great writer to have a great voice. Being honest and authentic in your blog posts is often far more appealing to customers than something that sounds like a cookie cutter from every other corporate website out there.

When you write, imagine you’re talking to a friend, explain your point of view, your thoughts and ideas and opinions on your industry. Because you want your audience to feel like you are talking to them as friends and equals. Let your voice ring out and help you relate better to your customers.

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10: Validate Yourself

Think of your blog as your resume – don’t sell yourself short! This is your industry, you know it, so prove it on your social media. Show your customers and audience, partners and competitors, that you are a skilled expert in your field. The more you share, the more knowledgeable you look and the more desirable your business becomes to your customers.

11: Promotion

Blogging and engaging with social media helps promote you and your industry. Perhaps you’re in a niche market that needs a wider audience – get out there and get blogging! Engage people and teach them about the industry that you love! It doesn’t matter if you fix appliances or sell stock, if you love it then tell the world about it. Teach your customers the latest in boutique wine trends. Show them the newest developments in air-conditioning technology.

The more you put out into the digital world, the more you will get back. Customers will have more to share with their friends and family, spreading your promotion further.

12: Boost Your Offline Business

Social media boosts your offline business. These days people will often Google a company, brand or product before they engage with it. Think about it, how many times have you looked up an item you’ve considered buying before making the trek to the physical store? Blogging, sharing information on social media, announcing sales and new products through email marketing makes your physical store more accessible and desirable.

content writing copy writing blogging blog

13: Become Popular

We all know it – life is one big popularity contest. And that goes for businesses as well. The better known your business, the better your flow of customers, referrals, etc. You become the number one business to turn to in your industry.

Popularity, especially online, can be tricky to manage. But the more you blog and the more comfortable you get with using social media, the easier it is to manage your popularity and audience. Content really is king when it comes to getting yourself, your business and your industry noticed.

14: It’s Free!

Blogging is, essentially, free advertising. People drawn in by your blog and social media will reach your website without you having to spend a cent on conventional advertising! Taking half an hour out of your day to write something for your blog, Facebook or Twitter can save you thousands in marketing and advertising.

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15: Make Some Money!

Engaging with social media means you create a bigger audience. And the bigger that audience, the more people you have the chance to convert into customers. These customers will spend money on your business and if they like you, they’ll recommend you to their friends and family.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media to help boost your hip pocket! Some blogs even become popular enough to monetise – which means a little extra money for you for only a small amount of time taken out of your day!

16: Live Forever

It might seem corny, but writing is a very powerful kind of immortality. The moment that your writing is released to the online world, it – and by extension you – lives forever. Even online, your words can echo long after you’re gone.

It is a little thrilling to think that someone fifty years from now might be referencing your blog in a classroom or for an assignment. Blogging lets you be an expert forever. Be brave and let your voice resonate through the digital world.

So go start something awesome – get blogging!