Avoid the Pitfalls of High-Speed Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is one of the most important factors for curating content. But it can also be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming elements when it comes to SEO and Google rank. You either need a lot of time or a lot of people to work on it. Keyword research is a task that requires you to really get into the head of your audience and workout what they might be searching for. From there you need to work out which words and phrase you need to pursue first. There are a lot of shortcuts out there, including high-speed keyword tools. But how well do these work over the expertise of engaging a qualified, Google Partner? Join us as we discuss!

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research focuses on finding the best keywords and phrases to optimise your webpages. By writing content that focuses on these terms or phrases you can improve the chance of your page ranking on Google when a user searches for those keywords. It requires a careful balance between the usefulness of the keyword and how competitive it is.

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What is a High-Speed Keyword Research Tool?

Keyword search tools claim to help you by quickly assessing which words are most viable for you to optimise for your page. Proper keyword research is important to ensure your SEO strategies work properly. These tools claim to be able to find keywords for you and evaluate which keywords to go after first.

The Lackluster Keyword Generator

However, these tools still require you to make a short list of keywords yourself. The tools will then use that list to find similar keywords. The claim is that this will significantly speed up the process of developing a longer list of keywords.

But curating that initial list of keywords is essentially the bulk of the hard work already done – by you. Developing a longer list of keywords is easy enough to do on your own, rather than using a tool which could steer you keyword research in the wrong direction. After all a human can better assess the relation of keywords to your main keyword list, over a machine that may follow a path that uses similar words but has a completely different meaning. Tools that give you keywords you are “probably” searching for is not exactly a good use of time. No app or tool can really replace a human researcher.

A qualified Google Partner is more adept at researching keywords by using Google’s Keyword Planner. A Google Partner can examine keywords, their monthly search rate, and how competitive those keywords are. Unlike an app, a Google Partner can quickly work out what are the most viable keywords for you and your site.

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Finding the Value in SEO Keyword Research

Which leads us into the difficult realm of assessing the viability of keywords. This is a crucial step in keyword research that balances the competitiveness of a keyword with the number of monthly searches. Deciding on the best keyword to go after depends on the audience you are trying to catch and the spread of monthly searches for your industry. Understanding this balance, and how competitive your market is, is the cornerstone of a Google Partner’s knowledge. Unlike an app, where you pay a fairly high price tag for a program that cannot differentiate between keyword competitiveness, a Google Partner can not only help you choose the best keywords possible but plan a strategy to optimise your website to improve ranking and customer conversion. At the end of the day, you’ll spend less money on hiring a Google Partner than wasting time and money on an indiscriminate app.

If you’d rather try yourself, it can be difficult. In order to access similar resources to those used by Google Partners, you need to spend well over a hundred dollars on Google AdWords. You can try to do a manual keyword search by simply inputting your keywords into Google and trying to assess what your competitors are doing, but manual searches have limitations and you simply can’t find search volume. And uncovering the correct search terms simply from a search result page can be difficult, even for seasoned SEO pros.

See below the difference between a Google Partner’s tools versus an average user!

Hire a Google Adwords Partner

At the end of the day, keyword research is something that needs expert focus and attention. And it is an element of your digital plan that needs to be taken seriously. Without proper keyword research you could well be optimising your website for the wrong search terms. Don’t try to cut corners by using tools. Talk to a certified Google partner and start your digital campaign off on the right foot.

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