Cost effective ways to advertise your bussiness

How do potential customers know your business exists? Do you have an established base of customers who continually buy your product or services? Is this enough to keep your business profitable and growing? Do you have retail exposure? Could I see your business when I drive down your street. If I never drive down your street will I know you are in business? Do you have sales representatives calling on clients and potential clients building a relationship?

Above are some of ways that existing businesses sell their products and services? For many these have been enough or still could be depending on your industry.

For others there are opportunities to exposure your business to more potential clients at an affordable and very measurable cost. Here are some that are working for other businesses right now.

  1. Google presenting a link to your business on its first page when someone searched for something you do or sell.
  2. Paying for ads on the first page of Google when you only pay if the add is clicked when someone searched for something you do or sell
  3. Sending out a promotional email on a regular basis to existing clients and people you have interacted with in the past
  4. Sending a SMS to a group of people that you have mobile numbers for about a special event or offer
  5. Starting a Facebook account for your business and engaging with potential customers who use this social media (over 800 million people do Worldwide)
  6. Placing videos of your products and services on You Tube. It is the second largest used search engine in the world behind Google
  7. Updating your website with those products and services you now offer that you did not last year

These are seven cost effective ways to fish for more customers and sales that you can start working on today. You can have a go at doing some or all of these yourself or we can work with you to get these activities up and going whatever your choice consider these online marketing strategies today.

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