Focus on Facebook for Business

Everyone has heard of Facebook. People are connecting with family, friends and people we knew from 20 years ago. Facebook’s main aim initially was a means to stay in touch and reconnect, share photos, stories, experiences,links etc. Basically to share personally.

However with the growth of Facebook, we see a change.

A lot of companies are using Facebook as part of their online marketing strategy.  They are connecting through this social media platform to their customers to establish an open dialog. Customers are able to ask questions, make comments and recommendations. Businesses are able to show they are up with the times, as well as promote new services or products, pass on information, and experience an open dialog with their customers. This can all be integrated with the company website.

Not only does Facebook provide this open dialog it also is a good referral tool.

For Example:

This week my hair straightener broke down.  Disappointing, but it served its purpose, and I had definitely got my money’s worth.  I have had four previous to this and was glad it didn’t explode like I had experienced before.

So as any Female would do, I jump online to get one delivered ASAP.

I realised that the models have changed since I last bought mine. So I looked at what other Australian women were saying about one’s they had just bought.  I knew what I wanted but after reading reviews on certain brands, I changed my mind completely and ordered it straight away.

I didn’t think I would be including a personal experience, but it is relevant. I listened to what other Australian girls said. I don’t even know them.

This is where Facebook can be beneficial to your business.  We all know in business that word of mouth is a powerful thing. Facebook can work in everyone’s favour. When Facebook users interact with your Facebook “Page” this as seen as a personal endorsement of your company but not to the public as in the example above, but to your customer’s social network.

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