Does your company website tell the real story?

Over the past nine years I have spoken and meet with hundreds of business owners and staff members. The majority of these people have or work for quality businesses that once you meet them, you can see they are a very reputable and successful business.

If I were to judge their business just based on their website my opinion may of been different in many cases. Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Would you want potential new clients judging you just based on what they see on your website?
  2. Does the website reflect how professional you are?
  3. Is the last update two years old and talks about something that happened back when you were just starting out?
  4. Would that ideal client that you would love to have be impressed if they checked it out?
  5. Do all the links to other pages and sites still work?
  6. Is you contact information up to date?
  7. Does the site mention that new service or product that you now have available?
  8. Can site visitors view your website on a iPad or iPhone?
  9. Does your website display correctly in the latest version of common web browsers especially those released since your website was built?
  10. Do you know how many people looked at your site yesterday, last week or 2 months ago? Are site visitors increasing or decreasing?