Website Success – Step 2 Website Design and Functionality

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed how strategy comes into play when creating a new website. Today, we will talk about everybody’s favourite theme – website design and functionality!

Design – Website Look and Feel

We think that establishing ‘good look and feel’ generally involves using elements like quality images, stylish colour schemes, intuitive navigation and good graphic elements to really make the visitor like the website as soon as they arrive. Modern looking websites tend to be more appealing and often will help to sway your visitor’s impression of how capable the company will be of delivering the products and services that are required.

To provide visitors with a great browsing experience, it helps to think like one of your visitors when deciding on the layout, design and structure of your new website.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your design reflect the professionalism of your business and product quality?
  • Is the website inviting and friendly?
  • What questions do new customers ask you most often? Have you provided the answers to these questions as plainly and completely as possible?
  • Are you using your available space to communicate your most important objectives whatever they maybe?

Functionality & Capability

Long gone are the days when a website was merely images and some text. Now, a website can do pretty much anything you need it to. In order to decide what functionality your website should have, you can consider:

  • Will it sell products online?
  • Will it help you build a database of prospects for future online marketing activities?
  • If you are servicing resellers as well as retailer users, do you provide an online store locator?
  • Can resellers complete a reseller application online and even place an order?
  • Can video of your product be watched on your site?
  • Will the website function well when viewed on an ipad or smartphone?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s topic of development & launch of your new website.

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