Website Success – Step 3 Website Development & Launch

Now that you have your strategy and your design sorted, the next step is to get your website built! Here are our hints to make the website development and launch go as smoothly as possible.

Development Process

In web development, often elements of the original website concept need to be modified during the process. Flexibility, change and being proactive are aspects that are essential for a great end result. Because you understand your customer best, a good developer will request that you check in throughout the process and have input as the website comes together to ensure that your customers have an excellent experience when they visit the final website. If a developer is hesitant to keep you in the loop throughout development and only wants to show you a finished product, there is a good chance that the website will not be everything you needed or wanted.

Launch & Changeover

If you have an existing website then work needs to be completed to ensure that you do not lose the Google rankings or other windows of online visibility that you may have established. If you have an existing database of clients, how will you communicate the new features available online?

The final installment of this series will be available on Monday. Have a great weekend.

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