Mobile Phone Website Usage soon to exceed Desktops

Remember the days when a mobile phone was a big brick and you only used to make phone calls. Well those days are well and truly over. Practically everyone these days has a smart phone, giving users the Internet in the palm of their hand.

Statistics show that within 5 years mobile searches will overtake that of our trusty desktop. Mobile Internet Usage is growing at a rapid rate with Apple products leading the charge, and Google conducting 99% of all search queries.

Mary Meeker, Internet analyst for Morgan Stanley, expresses that mobile will be bigger than most think.  The five aspects that are converging are 3G, Social Networking, Video, VoIP and Impressive mobile devices.

Apple iPhone’s have captured at least a third of the Australian market share. In terms of mobile website traffic, 50% of that comes from the iPhone. For a website, this can be problematic if the site uses animation. Apple has opted not to support Flash Animation on mobile and tablet devices. BSO Digital now uses another animation technique so that animation will work on such devices.

When you look around you can see the shift to smart phones. So how does your website look on a smart phone?  You may have come across a mobile website which is considerable easier to use than a standard website, with easy navigation and key content right at your fingertips.